Welcome to Othe-Armance in Champagne

The Built Heritage in Othe and Armance is unavoidable. True artistic treasures to be discovered in the heart of our churches: the statuary of the sixteenth century is declined in all its forms by masters such as Chaource, author of the entombment of Saint John the Baptist church or the Bouilly with St. Margaret. The window also has a showcase of choice for Ervy-le-Châtel or Bérulle and uniqueness of the wooden rood screen of the Collegiate Villemaur-sur-Vanne captivate you. During your walks, you will discover also wash houses and chapels that were the rural history of yesteryear to hear the echo there laughing washerwomen or haunting prayer processions.

Entombment - Church of Chaource



Come admire the fauna and flora diversity born from the meeting of the Burgundians and valleys of the Champagne plain. In a preserved and authentic rural environment, a strong natural and architectural heritage rich, visits and tours offered will surprise you ...
"The light, the color palette, the beautiful scenery, the quiet, offer us, the artists, a haven of serenity conducive to creativity. The muses of Othe and Armance we breathe inspiration and creative impulse "  



From a fruity and tangy taste, cider Othe country is made of a dozen varieties of apples as Avrolle, Nose Flat, or chatting nose, which are grated and pressed. Tanked and withdrawn, the juice is fermented for several months. The Cider Othe will wriggle your taste buds.
Chaource: A legend lends a monastic origin at the dawn of the fourteenth century at the Abbey of Pontigny. Come get the secret of this cheese celebrated by Francis I, for its soft, salted with dry salt and rind, now enjoying a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO).