The Othe-Armance Tourist Office category III is committed to :

- Ensure a permanent home at least 120 days a year on Saturday and Sunday No high season and during major events in the territory.

- You make a home in at least one foreign language: English.

- Display and distribute their opening hours in two languages.

- Post emergency numbers, visible from the outside in case of closure of the Tourist Office.

- Automatically free for local tourism.

- You provide the necessary documentation for your stay in a foreign language.

- Provide you with a warm reception area, easily accessible, and widely visible.

- You offer furniture to sit on.

- You grant access to its bilingual website, to a zone of free WIFI and limited.

- Disseminate its detailed tourist information on paper, translated into a foreign language: all accommodation within the jurisdiction area and the accommodation area but outside members to the structure. Of all the monuments and sights of its area of competence and sites outside area but adhering to the structure. The calendar of events of its area and the emergency numbers.

- You provides updated information and quality, reliable and updated.

- Answering your letters all year.

- Provide claims service, to using claim forms and satisfaction questionnaires, which will be processed throughout the year, with the aim of continual improvement of the reception.

In general, we ensure an annual hosting service, the most reliable. We continue our efforts to satisfy you and make your stay as pleasant as possible.


Commitments of the Tourist Office of Othe-Armance in category III

This tourist office classified in category III belongs to the network of Tourist Office of France, it is committed to :

Provide an easily accessible reception and information area.

Your convenience.

Offer you a seat.

Give you free information on local tourism.

Display and distribute their opening periods, expressed as a foreign language at least.

Be open at least 120 days a year including Saturday and Sunday during the tourist season or animation.

Reply all year to your mail.

Ensure continuous reception service given by the staff practicing a foreign language at least.

Ensure the provision of maps, plans and tourist guides on paper.

You grant access to its bilingual website.

Disseminate its tourist information also on paper resulted in at least one foreign language on:

- All tourist accommodation classified with at least the name of the institution, postal address, email, address, website, telephone number, the classification level;

- Monuments and cultural attractions, natural or leisure may include the indication of usage rates, periods and opening hours to the public, the website and telephone and postal address :

- The events and activities.

- Emergency phone numbers.

- Annually update its tourism information.

- View outside the emergency phone numbers.

- Process claims and measure your satisfaction.

- Provide you with an advisor stay.

- Ensuring the reliability and timeliness of information on local tourism.

- Refresh Data on the tourist offer of its geographical area of intervention.