The Chaource cheese is a traditional cow's milk cheese, soft with a floral rind, salted with dry salt. It is refined (aging temperature and humidity directed) for about 2 weeks.

Required at the table of Marguerite de Bourgogne in the 14th century, Chaource cheese was still made in the 19th century by the farmers for family consumption. Their surplus was sold on the Troyes market.

Since the beginning of artisanal production, Chaource cheese has been considered as a unique product that needed to be distinguished. This feeling is reflected in the denominations used in the 1950s: it's called "the True Chaource" or "the True Chaource".

In order to protect and enhance the value of the product, Camille Martin, then General Councilor, made the obtaining of the A.O.C, his workhorse. In order to promote agricultural and cheese activity, in 1966 he created a cheese fair, a showcase for the sector.

Since 1970, it is the 17th French cheese to benefit from an Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée and in 1996, a Protected Designation of Origin. It is produced on a limited territory (the richness of the flora of the natural pastures grazed by the breeding cows gives the milk and thus to the cheese, a delicate flavor), and according to very precise manufacturing techniques. Nearly 1800 tons are produced each year.

PDO (Protected Designation of Origin)
is the transposition at the European level of the French AOC for dairy and food products (excluding viticulture). It is governed by the European Regulation "quality package" 1151/2012 specified by the Delegated Regulation 664/2014 and the Implementing Regulation 668/2014.

To benefit from the AOP, the name of a product previously recognized as AOC by the Member State must be registered by the European Commission in the register of protected designations of origin and protected geographical indications.

The terroir of Chaource includes 8 cantons of Aube and 9 townships of Yonne (around Sens, Tonnerre and Avallon), 233 communes in total.

The sector is organized around Defense Syndicate of Chaource Cheese which today includes 65 producers, 6 processors, 1 refiner and 5 milk collectors.